Two Cats and a Dog

Professional Dog Walking & Cat Sitting for the East Side of Providence since 2002

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

I have been a full-time dog walker and pet sitter since 2002.

Why do you limit your service to the East Side of Providence?
I live on the East Side. Limiting my service to the area where I live enables me to readily provide my clients with last minute dog walking or cat sitting service. It also helps to keep my rates low because my travel time and gas costs are kept to a minimum.

How is billing & payment handled?
For cat sitting service, I will leave a bill for you on my final visit. For regularly scheduled dog walking service, you can choose weekly or biweekly billing. Payment is due within 10 days of the billing date.

How do you keep my key safe?
I will attach a tag to your key with the name of your pet. For security purposes, your name, address and phone number will never be kept with your key. When I'm not using your key, it is kept in a safe box in my home.

When should I give you a key?
Most clients give me a key at the initial interview. If you are not able to do so at the time of the interview, I can pick up your key at a later date for a small fee.

Do you return our keys once we return home?
If there's a chance that you will need my services again in the future, I prefer to keep a copy of your key to simplify arrangements. If I have a copy of your key, you won’t have to make time to get a key to me before your next trip. Having a key on file makes it much easier for me to accommodate last-minute requests. But if you do need your key returned, I will be happy to drop it off. I will not leave the key inside your home on the final pet sitting visit in case you become delayed and I need to get back in for added visits. There is an $5 fee for picking up your key for future visits.

What is your policy during inclement weather?
I have never missed a scheduled visit due to inclement weather. In the case of extreme weather conditions when driving is out of the question, I will contact your neighbor that you've designated as your emergency contact (if you have provided me with one.) I can also walk to your home to care for your pet, if necessary. That’s another benefit of my limited service area.

What if I get delayed and can’t make it home?
If you get delayed, please call, text, or email me and I will continue to care for your pets until you arrive home.

How much notice is needed to schedule service?
If you are not a current client, please contact me as soon as you know the dates of service needed so that I can confirm my availability and have time to meet with you and pick up a key. At least a week’s notice is preferred. If you are already a client and I have your key on file, I can usually accommodate last minute requests. Be sure to schedule with me as soon as possible so that I can confirm my availability.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel scheduled visits, please let me know asap. There is no charge for cancelled dog walks as long as I have not made the trip to your house already. For cat sitting visits, please let me know as soon as your plans change. My calendar fills up quickly, and once I've booked your service dates this might mean that I have had to refuse service for another client.

Will my dog be walked alone or in a group?
I will provide individual walks for your dog(s.)

Will you take dogs off-leash on walks or for visits in dog parks?
I know that these activities have many advantages and can be enjoyed by you and your dog when spending time together, but running off leash and in dog parks can leave your dog vulnerable to situations that I might not always be able to control. Safety is my top priority, so I do not allow dogs off-leash while in my care.

Can you administer medication to my pet?
Yes. If your pet requires special care, I'll handle it. I am experienced in administering medications by mouth and by injection. There is no extra charge for administering medication or for special care unless it involves more time than was scheduled.

What if my pet gets sick or injured?
I will make every attempt to reach you if your pet becomes sick or injured. During your initial consultation, you will sign a veterinary release that I will keep in your file. This form will authorize me to seek veterinary attention for your pets and allows you to specify the veterinarian and emergency clinic you prefer to use. It also authorizes me to choose another appropriate veterinarian should your preferred doctors be unavailable.

How can I find out how my pets are doing?
I am always happy to give you an update on your pets! You can call, text or email me to check in. Otherwise, you can feel confident that your animals are being well cared for and that no news is good news.

Is there an extra charge on Holidays?
No. I try very hard to keep my rates affordable for my customers, so my rates stay the same year round. However, my schedule will fill up quickly for holiday times, so it is advised that you book as early as possible.

I recognize that all strong relationships are based on communication, so please don't hesitate to contact me with any question or concern!

Still have questions? Contact me anytime.