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"Kristen is the only person I trust to take care of my Mango. I have tried other services in the area but I really do feel that Mango is safe and will be well-maintained with her service. You need to be able to trust that your sitter will take the time to "examine" your pet's well being and state of mind in case anything is "off" while you are away. I am fully certain that in any emergency that Kristen would give the same urgent attention to my Mango as I would. That peace of mind allows me to enjoy my vacations instead of worrying!"

- Eve, Providence, RI

"The care that Kristen provides to our cat while we are away is outstanding. Kristen is reliable; considerate and has a special connection with animals. Our extraverted cat is always happy upon our return – a sign that he has been well cared for and loved during our absence.

Kristen also cares for the house – making sure that mail is collected and that lights are turned on and off to ensure that the house looks “lived in.”

We feel fortunate that we have found Kristen to care for our cat.  Our cat is a member of our family and we only want the very best care for him."

- Irene, Kevin and Leopold the CAT, Pawtucket, RI

"Kristen cared for our black Lab for nearly eight years, until her passing less than six months ago. Over that time, Kristen and Tessa, our Lab, formed an extraordinary bond that allowed Tessa a home away from home.  Kristen, along with my husband and me, rounded out our dog's 'pack.'  Tessa loved being with Kristen who provided Tessie outstanding care and attention. Several years ago Tessie lost her eyesight and her blindness was such that not even a ray of sun was possible; her world went completely dark.  Kristen loved and guided Tessa through her darkness; walked her at Tessie's pace and still made it a priority to play with Tess and socialize her with other cats and dogs in her care.  Kristen was with us throughout the ordeal of Tessa's tragic death. To say that we trusted Kristen with the life of our beloved Lab is still inadequate to describe the respect and appreciation Steve and I have for Kristen and her work.  Tess never lied; and her tail always spun at the mention of Kristen's name. You and your four-legged family member will gain a true friend and caregiver in Kristen. She and her work are nothing short of outstanding.  We miss Tessa and with it, miss seeing Kristen every day, too." 

- Bev, Providence, RI

"I have used many professional dog walkers over the years & Kristen has been one of the best ones I have ever come across. I am very selective in who I trust to come into my home as well as take care of my dogs.  Not only is she reliable and trustworthy, but she is gentle with my dogs and they seem to really like her. I feel as if I can go away for a day or be busy at work, & not worry about the safety and well-being of my dogs when they are in the care of Kristen. I have been VERY grateful for her services."

- Rebecca, Providence, RI

"Kristen has been caring for my pets for about seven years now, and we all love her! When my elder cat Nicki got sick, Kristen showed me special tricks for giving Nicki live-saving medicines, which I believe helped extend her time with us.

My younger cat, Cosmo (now 13) has always been very shy and hides from everyone. Kristen has taken care to coax him out of his shell, and now he looks forward to her visits.

We highly recommend Two Cats & a Dog!!"

- Caren, Pawtucket, RI

"Kristen joined our family about 8 years ago when we first moved to Providence with Anabel Lee and Molly Bloom, our kitties. In all that time, whenever we left them in her care, we knew we had nothing to worry about. The house was safe, the cats were well cared for, and our neuroses were protected! We lost our Anabel about 2 months ago, after a long decline during which Kristen advised and counseled us, nursed Anabel with as much love and dedication as we did. Our Molly has taken well to being an only cat, and relishes her solo visits and play time with Kristen now. We are incredibly lucky to have found Kristen; she is a remarkable animal person."

- Kathleen, Providence, RI

"Kristen makes our complicated lives possible! Most importantly, she is a trusted and loving caretaker for our wonderful, treasured 8 year old Great Pyrenees, Max. Kristen has been Max's "nanny" for seven of those years, and he and we count ourselves so fortunate to know her. When we travel, we are confident that Max is being cared for as we would; Kristen's attention to detail, concern for health and safety, and commitment to the highest level of professionalism are nothing short of outstanding. Max has made many friends while in Kristen's care: Tess, a dear and loving pal whom we remember with affection, Scout, Oliver, Bailey and so many others. The image of Tess and Max hanging out in Kristen's efficient little Honda "Fit" always makes me smile.

And for those of you who don't know this added feature: Kristen is a remarkable artist! Her stained glass pieces are exceptional, featuring medieval references, botanicals, and, of course, dogs. I commissioned one of Max, a beautiful rendition that captures him perfectly. This RISD-trained artist cum dogsitter is an incredible person. We feel lucky every day to know her."

- Gail, Jay and Max - of course!, Providence, RI

"Kristen is responsible, accountable, dependable, kind, flexible and just a great person who cares for all my pets whenever it is needed. I am grateful for her professional services."

- Robin, Pawtucket, RI

"If my bichon could speak English, he'd be asking to go to 'camp' (daycamp is great, but overnight camp is better).  Not only do I have no reluctance to leave him in Kristen's care, I consider it a 'treat' for him.  My dog, who hides under a chair whenever there is a 'threat' of having to go in a car (even with me), meets Kristen at the door and can't wait to go off with her.  And Kristen is the most reliable service-provider I have EVER worked with ..... in any context."

- Barbara, Providence, RI

"I love to surround myself with animals.  Kristen has worked with my animals for the past 8 years. When Belle my 8 year old Chow/Sharpei mix died in 2003 from diabetes/Addison's I knew that I would get another dog right away. Kristen helped me through the transition of grieving my loss as well as helping me with my two puppies, Kayla and Penny who are now 7 years old... K. and P. have thrived under Kristen's care and their twice daily walks... Until recently I had 6 cats, three of whom lived into their 18th year of life and Ginger cat who lived to be 21... They required meds and Kristen helped me figure out a good system for delivering the meds to my sick cats...

Anyone who employs Kristen should consider themselves lucky... I have rarely met anyone as conscientious and as reliable as she is."

- Lisel, Providence, RI

"What more can I say... my family Sami, Frankie, and Batman are well taken care of by Kristen.  I can go away overnight and not feel guilty leaving the gang behind. She's great."

- Carol, Providence, RI

"If leaving your animals causes you stress and anxiety-there is no better person to leave their care to than Kristen. She comes and takes care of all their needs-including medication, but she also truly cares that the animals are safe and comfortable while we are away. For years I was nervous to leave them, but Kristen has given us huge peace of mind when we have to be out of town."

- Amy, Providence, RI

"Kristen's services give me piece of mind while I am away.  Her availability and affordability make it easier for me give my pets the best I can while I am away. I love reading her daily updates she leaves for me when I get home.  I truly appreciate Two Cats and a Dog and I know my kitties do as well.  Thank you, Kristen!"

- Anisa, Providence, RI

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